The Launch of OTESSA: First Issue & Fairness


Our inaugural issue will be comprised of papers resulting from the invitations sent to authors of selected #OTESSA20 proceedings, where one or more reviewers recommended an invitation be sent to submit a full paper version to the new journal. 

Timeline for Invited Papers:

We recognize that setting timelines during this pandemic may be challenging as many of you may be juggling the support of children, families, and yourself, while in isolation. For that reason, we invite you to contact the editors should you have any need to modify the timeline. We will be pursuing a continuous publication model with our OTESSA journal, so that each article is published immediately upon completing a successful review and copyediting process. The proposed timeline is as follows:

June 21, 2020 - Draft of Full Paper Due

July 21, 2020 - Reviews Returned to Authors

August 21, 2020 - Authors Submit Revised Version of the Article

September onward - Papers Published (continuous publication model)

Please note we are not accepting submissions as part of an open call or for special issues at the present time, but please watch for announcements here and on our social media platforms. Current members of OTESSA will receive a direct email as well regarding our next steps.

We also want to amplify this open letter that was circulated recently. We believe flexibility is necessary and we pledge to support female academics and anyone facing pressures due to a variety of needs such as childcare, eldercare, and facing structural and systemic challenges to reach out to us. Our editorial board is prepared to operate with compassion. This means we will support flexibility with deadlines where needed. We are also seeking to establish writing mentors for authors where manuscripts may be on the precipice of rejection, yet demonstrate potential. Lastly, we encourage authors to submit papers written by different genders and, beyond that, encourage diversity on co-authored submissions. Together, we can make scholarship more inclusive.

We are very excited about this new journal and look forward to having you publish with us!

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